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A social space offering coworking space, lethorium, restaurant and bar all in one building.   
Inside HUBflat's mesmerising coworking space in Madrid.
This Workspace Has It's Own Star Wars Themed Cinema's Quirky and Characterful Workplace Setting.  
It's the month of Movember again! Check out the new offices for the Movember Foundation located in London, England.   
This photography studio located in Japan is every photographer's dream.   
A Look Inside Enero's Sleek and Sophisticated Office A dynamic space of raw and elegant sophistication, combined with an earthy and inviting interior.  
Take a peek at the new offices of home delivery food service company, My Food Bag.   
The World's Largest Office.
The Most Unique and Extreme Wedding Venues Around the World From underwater, the most haunted hotel... to on top of the highest mountain and Antarctica