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“The enquiries we get through Sharedspace are always valuable leads. The team at Sharedspace are amazing and helpful, the site itself is easy to navigate around and it fits in with our brand and product offering. Sharedspace is highly recommended by the team at Generator."

Micaela Wade

"As soon as we listed our showroom as a space to hire for events on Sharedspace we had a flood of enquiries which haven't stopped ever since and the bookings are now becoming a juggling act! The website was super easy and quick to use and best of all, it looks good too."

Milly Nolan


"I was impressed when less than a day after the listing went live I had my first enquiry. The premises, the price and our company synergy were all perfect for the first person who viewed the space and we are now sharing space happily. The site is genius because it is so easy and fast to use."

Nigel Shanks
Adz Up




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