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In a recent NZ Herald article, there’s a continual shortage car park spaces in the Auckland CBD.  Approximately 800 car parks have been removed since 2007, reducing from around 4200 carparks to around 3400 carparks. This shortage is expected to worsen as more downtown streets are converted and upgraded. Auckland City Council hopes this will be a trend to encourage Aucklanders to use more public transport. 

This is a great opportunity for any inner city dwellers or businesses who own car park spaces in the CBD. If you have a downtown carpark that isn’t used in the weeknights or weekends, ther are many people who are willing to pay you to rent your carpark. 

Sharedspace is NZ's leading website for sharing spaces, so why not put up a listing of your car park space to share and you may reap the rewards.


The Key Benefits Of Renting Carparks:


Car Park For Rent

Sustainable Business Practice

Save energy, resources and reduce waste by sharing carparks

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Low Cost & Flexible Terms

Reduce your daily parking costs and have the flexbility when you need it


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