Film Location Agreement Template

Looking to hire your space out as a film or shoot location but unsure of what location agreement to use? now offers a Shoot Location Agreement Template - A simple template agreement designed for space owners who want to hire out their space for commercial photography shoots, film productions and TV commercials. Sharedspace wants to make the process of sharing commercial spaces as simple as possible, which is why we have put together this location agreement template.

Agreement Template



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What is the point of this Agreement?

The Sharedspace Shoot location agreement is designed to put down on paper the arrangement between the party who is hiring out their space for commercial filming or photography purposes, and the party wishing to book the space as a shoot location. The Agreement sets out the key terms agreed to between the two parties such as where and what the location is, length of the booking, fees involved along with expectations and allowances.


Who is this Agreement suitable for?

This agreement is designed to be used by people who want to hire out their space as a commercial shoot location. It may be entered into by a company or by an individual.


Legal Stuff

Sharedspace wants to make the process of sharing commercial spaces as easy as possible, which is why we have put together this agreement. Sharedspace is not in the business of giving legal advice so we strongly advise seeking independent legal advice if there is anything in this document that you feel uneasy about or do not understand. If you do decide to go ahead and use our document, the parties acknowledge that Sharedspace takes no legal responsibility for any costs, loss or damages incurred as a result of using the agreement. 


You have the Freedom

The idea of this agreement is to allow the parties the freedom and option to amend, delete or include any additional clauses or information that is relevant to their circumstance. We have highlighted in the document the areas in yellow that either needs to be completed by the parties or where we think the parties might like to add their own arrangements. However, this agreement is just a guide, any clause in it can be changed to suit the arrangement between the parties because lets face it, every location agreement is going to be slightly different, you call the shots.


Signing the Agreement

To make the agreement all official, or as they say in the legal world, ‘binding’ the document must first be dated at the top of the first page (don’t date the document before you sign it in case you don’t actually sign it on that date) and be signed by both parties on the designated execution page (no witnesses required). Both parties should be given a copy (either by signing 2 originals or by making a photocopy of the original version) and it should be kept in a safe place so that it can be referred to if necessary.