Meet Sarah Lindsay from SALA

Space of Passion - we meet the person behind this unique Ponsonby space

We caught up with Sarah Lindsay to find out more about her beautiful studio SALA. A space that is much more than a beautiful light filled gym/studio, it is a place of community, versatility and tranquility. Let's dive in and get to know the face and vision behind SALA.


Sarah Lindsay


What inspired you to create Sala?
I suppose the seed of SALA was homesickness. Moving to Auckland from London I struggled to find my wellness community, something modern and free from dogma, but also mentally spacious and inviting. After complaining and sulking for a few months, I thought I would just create it myself. We've been open just under two years and already it feels like such an anchor for me here in ponsonby. I really could just be in Shoreditch again. SALA is filled with like minded, creative people who have either lived overseas, or are international themselves and so I really feel as though I did what I set out to do, and that feels good! 


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Tell us a little bit about Sala and its offerings for your members and beyond?
SALA is a movement studio. We believe in diversity and listening to your body, and have a mindful movement approach to all movement. We avoid the cliche slogans of work hard play hard, or the idea that sweating and burning lots of calories equates to a healthy lifestyle. The mind - body connection is the nucleus of SALA and we hope that it is what is felt beyond the four walls of SALA which is truly of benefit to members. Falling in love with your body home, through the tool of movement. 

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Sala is such a beautiful space, it’s too good not to be shared. What other unique purposes has Sala been used for? Do you enjoy seeing your space being re-purposed to be used in a different way?
It's used often for shoots and events. I love seeing it being styled in different ways and to accommodate different create visions. It's oddly versatile for such a simple space. 


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Sala has a real family feel to it…it feels like a community of like-minded people coming together to express themselves through movement. What do you think is key to creating this connected environment?
We also have attracted the most amazing trainers and members who all share our vision for dogma free movement and it often feels like SALA is a living organism of its own, growing with each layer of new trainers and members. It's always growing and changing, I just try to hold that space in a supportive way rather than micro managing it. 


Sala Blank Space

What is next for Sala? What direction do you see Sala growing towards?  
I don't really make future plans. I just feel it out and let it unfold. SALA itself was cultivated so quickly, it was always something I'd playfully considered it, but the reality of it moved very fast. I just listen to my gut and trust my intuition will lead SALA to where it should be.


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