Unique Ideas for Your Office Christmas Party

Unique Office Christmas Party Ideas

Thinking about ideas for your office Christmas party? Here are 8 Unique Themes to turn your office party from awkward to exciting!


It's almost that time of the year again! With Christmas just around the corner, the highly anticipated holiday means another office party needs to be planned. How about doing something a little more extravagant this year to thank your staff for all their hard work.

If you're stuck on Christmas party ideas, try one of these unique themes that everyone will look forward to.


Arabian Nights

Get inspired by Morocco this Christmas! The Arabian Nights theme is a colourful and extravagant idea. Start thinking lanterns, belly dancers, rich textures, lots of colour and perhaps a tent or a marquee event space. 

Ideal event space for this theme

Arabian Nights Christmas Theme Party


Nightmare before Christmas

Step away from the traditional Christmas theme and create a whole different look and feel with lots of dark, gothic and spooky decor. Ensure your guests dress up in their spookiest costumes to make it even more exciting!

Ideal event space for this theme

Nightmare before Christmas Party Theme


Classic Ugly Sweater Party

It simply wouldn't be Christmas without some sort of ugly sweater involved. It's pocket-friendly and can generate loads of fun and laughter. Ensure you prepare some prizes for the most horrendously dressed guest of the night!

Ideal event space for this theme

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Theme


Mexican Fiesta

Throw a bright and bold Mexican Fiesta this Christmas, because who doesn't love pinatas, quesadillas and lime sorbet margaritas?

Ideal event space for this theme 

Mexican Fiesta Christmas Party


Alice in Wonderland

Enter the magical world of Wonderland with this creative theme. Think mis-match tea sets, large decks of cards, long dining room tables with fancy tablecloths and lots of colourful plants!

Ideal event space for this theme

Alice in Wonderland Christmas party theme


Casino Royale 

Channel your inner James Bond this Christmas! Think a black, white and red colour scheme, poker, suits and fine champagne. Give your guests an excuse to dress in their best suit or gown this holiday.

Ideal event space for this theme

007 Casino Royale Christmas Party theme


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Let's admit that we are all huge fans of the Harry Potter series. Impress your guests and turn your event space into Hogwarts for the night! Try to re-create the entrance of your space into platform 9 3/4 and ensure your guests throw on a cape and dress up in their favourite Hogwarts house.

Ideal event space for this theme

Hogwarts Harry Potter Christmas Party theme


Christmas Around the World

Take a trip around the world with an international themed Christmas party by incorporating the different cuisines from around the world. Pad Thai to represent Thailand, Spanish dishes like Tapas and Paella or Sushi to represent Japan.

Ideal event space for this theme

International Christmas party theme




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