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White Wall Grafton Photography Studio

DRMPRK studio space available


Listing information

Listing information
100 Park Road

Grafton - Auckland City

$700 /day
$400 /half day
$150 /hr
40 m2

Total Area (m2)




Located in Grafton at our Dreampark studio, we have 1 large two white wall photography studio available for hire, either hourly, half-day or full-day. The space is easily accessible with roller doors leading right into the studio floor, great for production crews and moving equipment easily. Studio A is our main long (or wide) white painted studio (no cyc), Measurements L 8m x W 5m x H 4

Nova RGB Panels, 600xPro and 300x, Aputure Lighting for hire. Photographers available for hire.

Full-Day (10 hrs) $700 - 8 am-6 pm (includes pack in and pack out)
Half Day (5 hrs) $400.00 - 7am/8am-12/1pm OR 12/1pm - 6pm/7pm (by arrangement)
We need 1 hour turnover for cleaning up. By arrangement, first in first deposit;

Morning Session
7 am- Midday (5 hours) or
8 am - 1 pm (5 hours)

Arvo Session
1 pm - 6 pm
2 pm - 7 pm

Deposit to new customers is 25% of the total bill
Overtime is $100 p/hr
Repaint can be pre-booked otherwise floor is presented “as is” - Repaint Fee $100.00
All prices are in NZ$ + 15% GST.
Public Liability Insurance is included
Early open / after hours by appointment - $100 p/hr
Per hour rate is a minimum of 3 hours

p/hr ½ Day Day
$150 $400 $700

STUDIO B - (Opening June 2022)
Measurements L 8m x W 5m x H 4
Studio B is in construction and will feature a cyc and pantograph rail system and its width is 3m(w) x 4m (L) x4m (h). Approximate

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