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Lone Pine Estate For Your Next Photoshoot

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Listing information

Listing information
1 Riverhead

Riverhead - Rodney

1,000 m2

Total Area (m2)




We engaged two renowned architects - Nikolay Pronin (Russia) and Lucio Dotto (Italy) - to recreate the villa from that treasured photograph we had and to make sure Italian charm, lux and character are maintained. In 2010 the first stone of Lone Pine Estate was laid.

Upon arrival, you are met by colossal hand-forged gates featuring a family’s coat of arms made by the best Russian craftsmen. Following a long driveway, you end up by a viewing deck paved with luxurious porphyry stones and surrounded by elegant columns and balusters made of Italian travertine. Look around and admire the panoramic views of Auckland city and the classic Italian villa.

The columns and balusters are loved by photographers as they create perfect lines, a game of light and shadows, helping them create breathtaking wedding shots of your special day.

Following further along the driveway lined with Italian pines, you arrive to a medieval fortress with two watchtowers. Come through the towers up the stairs to the top viewing platform with a fragrant rose garden, pergola and fountain.

Entering the fortress, you will end up in a luxurious, one of a kind in New Zealand, marble hall lined with different kinds of marble setting off beautiful Rosa Verona marble. The hall ends with a grand fireplace, and when you look up, you will be instantly blinded by the immense beauty of the Murano crystal chandeliers creating whimsical reflections on marble walls and the floor.

In addition to the immense beauty that will surround you inside and outside of the villa, there are many more little details around the property that can add to the lux atmosphere of your shoot – such as a rare gold Rolls-Royce that you can use for your photoshoot, beautiful horses and floral features around every corner.

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