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Shared Office Space with Sky Media

Rent a desk? Comes with a PC, Chair, WiFi, Coffee & a Ping Pong table

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Listing information

Listing information
Christchurch City

Christchurch City Centre - Christchurch City

$596 /mth
20 m2

Total Area (m2)

2 - 3 People

Space available




We have 2 maybe 3 desks available for rent, you will be sharing the space in Christchurch city with Sky Media (An SEO, Google AdWords & Web Design company).

Productive but Relaxing Enviroment  5-8 people with PC, Desk and Chair provided Wifi and Coffee included. Ping pong table and dart board will be there before Christmas. 

We have a few offices on the short list to sign up to as of 12/11/19  So no photos to show right now, the office will be at least 100sqm

Get in touch today to discuss.



Listing Number: 9020
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