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Listing information

Listing information
12/210 Victoria Street West

Auckland City - Auckland City

$0 /day
20 People

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Four Shells is the first kava bar in Central Auckland. Here you will enjoy relaxing atmosphare and high quality kava from around South Pacific.

What is Kava?

Kava is a drink prepared from the root of  Piper methysticum, commonly grown in the South Pacific. It was first domesticated in Vanuatu, from where it has made its way all around the South Pacific. There are hundreds of different kava cultivars each with a slightly different flavour and effects.

Kava has been consumed as a beverage for thousands of years. It has reach spiritual and cultural value for South Pacific communities.

Why do we drink kava?

Kava is an ancient plant that has been consumed for social, cultural, medicinal and political reasons for millennia. Originally from the islands of the South Pacific, kava has recently become popular around the world. People across the globe value it for its rich cultural history and relaxing properties.

Some drink it for relief from stress, anxiety or insomnia. Others consume it for purely recreational or social purposes. Kava is known for its ability to promote relaxation, sociability and a feeling of harmony without diminishing judgement, mental clarity or awareness. For many users, kava is a pleasant, slightly stimulating drink that relieves fatigue, relaxes the body after hard work or effort, clarifies the mind and brings a sense of well-being. As such, to many kava presents an attractive, non-addictive and healthier alternative to alcohol. When consumed with friends, kava can promote peace, tranquillity and cooperation.



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