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Parnell Courtyard or Private Dining Venue

This venue will transport you to Italy.


Listing information

Listing information
259 Parnell Road

Parnell - Auckland City

100 m2

Total Area (m2)

10 - 100 People

Space available




An Auckland institution with the best courtyard this side of Palermo. Non Solo showcases the best of the best modern Italian cuisine.

The venue will transport you to Italy with its beautiful outdoor courtyard setting perfect for enjoying a long
lunch or sipping on cocktails in the sun, as well as a full indoor dining space that is able to accommodate large groups for a seated event. The Private dining at Non Solo is the perfect intimate space away from the restaurant for smaller groups. Your local Italian that’s all about sharing good food, a few laughs and a drink or two with family and friends.

Courtyard Seated 60
Courtyard Cocktail & Canapés 100
Restaurant seated 60
Restaurant Cocktail & canapés 100
Private Seated 30
Private Cocktail & Canapés 40

NSP Courtyard
The beautiful outdoor courtyard perfect for enjoying an afternoon cocktail in the sun with the best Italian cuisine, or a dining experience under the starlight sky.
Courtyard Seated 60
Courtyard Cocktail & Canapés 100

Private Dining Room
Perfect for those smaller groups that are wanting a private dining experience.
Closed off from the restaurant giving your group an intimate space for your event.
Private Seated 30
Private Cocktail & Canapés 45

Restaurant Dining
With a selection of booth seating for your guests the inside dining area accommodates large groups for a beautiful Italian experience.
Seated Dining 60
Cocktail 100

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Listing Number: 10646
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