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Porirua Centre Commercial Kitchen

Full Commercial Kitchen available outside our normal open times


Listing information

Listing information
10 Lydney Place South

Porirua - Porirua City

$23 /hr
35 m2

Total Area (m2)




Situated inside Laughalots Playland, our Commercial Kitchen provides in-house baking for both our Laughalots Playlands and other commercial customers.
There are available hours generally afternoons and overnight.
Kitchen hire rates
Standard rate: $23.50/hr + GST
Casual or one-off use of kitchen: $35/hr + GST
Catering: $25/hr + GST + refundable deposit of $300, to be paid on confirmation
Food Preparation: $17/hr + GST on shared kitchen basis
Storage unit (you supply): $17/wk + GST

Equipment list
Blueseal E603 EVO Single Pan Fryer
Turbofan E32D4 Turbofan Oven
Blueseal E56B Evo Elec Range Convection Oven
Electrolux Chiller HB3PUA Horizontal *3
Electrolux Hood Type Dishwasher EHT8G
Big Dipper W-250-IS-K Grease Removal Unit
Food Preparation Sink
Dishwashing Sink
Microwave ovens
Large stainless-steel work benches



Listing Number: 9839
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