Sharedspace Listing Fees

Sharedspace uses a simple listing structure. You can list your space and choose between 3 different pricing options: Standard, Premium and The Works. The more premium your listing, the more views it will get.... it's that simple.

• The Works - Fill your space as quickly as possible by giving your listing the best exposure on Sharedspace.
• Premium - Your listing will appear above standard listings and have a highlighted design
• Standard - Allows users to find your listing via searches.


Office Space (90 Days)



Pop Up/Retail Space (90 Days)


Car Park Space (90 Days)

Car Park Listing Fees 


Storage Space (90 Days)



Creative Studio (360 Days)

Event Space Listing Fees 


Meeting Room (360 Days)

Event Space Listing Fees 


Commercial Kitchen (360 Days) 

Event Space Listing Fees


Event Space (360 Days) 




Shoot Location Space (360 Days) 

Event Space Listing Fees





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