5 Office Games Rooms We Are Envious Of

A couple of weeks back into the work routine and we are already thinking of ways to boost productivity.


Games rooms in the workspace are a fantastic way to de-stress when spreadsheets, graphs and to-do lists are just getting a bit too much. Not only is it actually great to boost overall productivity, it can help encourage team building too. 

Fun fact: those who take 17 minute breaks for every 52 minutes spent working are the ones who have been found to be the most productive workers.

While searching for games room inspiration, we've picked the top 5 spaces around the world we are wishing we could spend our breaks in. 

Avast Software, Prague  

Avast Software Prague Games Room

Miniclip, London

Miniclip London Games Room

JD.com, Beijing

JD.com Beijing Games Room

LINQ, Baltimore

LINQ Baltimore Games Room

Google, Zurich

Google Zurich Games Room

Images from Office Snapshots


Speaking of games, check out Capcom's brand new headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. 




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