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The Advantages of Hot Desking

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Hot Desking is a term that became popularised in the 1990's, and is also known as location independent working. Basically, workers are not assigned a particular desk, but rather multiple workers share a workstation during different time periods. The cost reduction through save savings is up to 30% in some cases.

This type of arrangement is typically suited to businesses that don't necessarily require all staff to be in the office at the same time (e.g. organisations with lots of salestaff, or shift-based businesses). Another reason for hot desking may be businesses that only require staff to be present for key meetings and conferences. Hot Desk is also great for large scale businesses that want to promote more collaboration between its various departments and can be used as an encouragement for people to meet and socialise with more different people from within the company. 

To facilitate Hot Desking, employees' personal items are usually stored in lockers or drawers. Files are centrally stored on network computers, accessible at any laptops or mobile devices. Emails and task schedules are also now cloud-based, freeing workers from being tethered to a central server. Hot Desk eliminate redundancy, foster efficiency, reduce overhead and save money. What's not to like? 

The Key Benefits Of Hot Desking:


Commercial space

Foster Cross Collaboration

By sitting with different people, you are exposed to new ideas and thoughts

Commercial Sustainable Business Practice

Sustainable Business Practice

Save energy, resources and reduce waste by sharing office facilities with others.

Low Cost & Flexible Rent

Low Cost & Flexibility 

Reduce your office rent by only paying for desk when you need it

Stay Knowledgeable & Up-to-date with Hot Desking

Stay Knowledgeable & Up-To-Date

Socialise with other industry professionals and learn from their experiences

Networking & Business Opportunities

Networking & Business Opportunities

Come across new opportunities and job leads for your business and collaborate