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The Advantages of Coworking and Shared Offices

The advantages of coworking and shared offices


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Coworking is a style of work which involves group of individual and companies sharing a work envinronment, sometimes called shared offices. Usually, those in a coworking arrangement, are not employed or financially tied into the same organisation. It is usually attractive to those who usually work from home, contractors or people who travel often. Coworking brings together a group of people who work independently, but have common shared values.


There are several key advantages to coworking / shared offices:


Co Working Dynamic Mix of People

Dynamic mix of people

Bringing together people from different industries/disciplines into a common space

Co working - Sustainable Business Practice

Sustainable Business Practice

Save energy, resources and reduce waste by sharing office facilities with others 

Co Working Low Cost & Flexible Rent

Low Cost & Flexible Rent 

Reduce your office rent and not sign into long office leases

Stay Knowledgeable & Up-to-date with Co-Working

Stay Knowledgeable & Up-to-Date

Socialise with other industry professionals and learn from their expriences

Networking & Business Opportunities Co Working

Networking & Business Opportunities

Come across new opportunities and job leads for your business and collaborate


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