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Coliving Spaces in New Zealand

Coliving and Shared Accommodation Spaces Around New Zealand

Coliving is the trend of living with other people in one space, that encourages its residents to interact and work together. They are most often run by companies and have popped up in response to an increasing number of people moving to fairly expensive cities in search of work. Coliving is a new kind of modern housing where residents with shared interests value things like collaboration, social networking and the sharing economy. 


The Key Benefits Of Coliving:


Commercial space

Foster Collaboration

Build relationships and become exposed to new ideas and thoughts

Commercial Sustainable Business Practice

Sharing Resources

Save energy, resources and reduce waste by sharing facilities with others.

Low Cost & Flexible Rent


Coliving spaces often have amenities and facilities included with their pricing.

Stay Knowledgeable & Up-to-date with Hot Desking

Stay Knowledgeable & Up-To-Date

Socialise with other individuals and learn from their experiences

Networking & Business Opportunities

Networking & Business Opportunities

Collaborate and come across new opportunities and job leads for yourself 



Examples of Coliving Spaces in New Zealand