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New Zealand is seen a surge in popularity for Shared Boat Ownership, as outlined in this recent NZ Herald article. Boat Sharing is defined as boats owned by a company, club, organisation or private individual, with members booking and sharing the use of the boat on an agreed basis. By sharing the costs of maintenancing and mooring the boat, members are able to enjoy the boat with drastically reduced costs. Spending time on the water is as much a part of the New Zealand lifestyle as owning a house, so it's great seeing ways to make boat ownership more within most people's reach. 

Sharedspace's Play Section was launched in June and we've seen a great increase in the amount of interest - hence we've launched into Shared Boating. This is a great opportunity for boat owners to generate additional income with their assets, or potential boat owners to look at boat sharing. 

The Key Benefits Of Shared Boat Ownership


Pride of Ownership

Enjoy the sense of joy associated with owning your own boat

Commercial Sustainable Business Practice

Environmentally Sustainable

Each boat gets more uses, rather than sitting at the pier. 

Boat Sharing

More Time on the Water

Shared ownership gives you more time than chartering a boat

Low Cost & Flexible Rent

Less Financial Burden

Having other owners to share the cost of mooring, maintenance etc.


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