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People Behind the Space: Works


Works is dedicated to creating spaces where ideas can take shape, flourish, and thrive. They currently have character coworking hubs based within three locations in Christchurch. Home to entrepreneurs, innovators, and other industry professionals, these spaces provide an opportunity for businesses to connect and collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

We had a chat with Works Managing Director Leon Mooney, to learn more about their mission to strengthen business through community.


WORKS CEO Leon Mooney

WORKS Managing Director Leon Mooney


  1. Tell us a bit about what inspired you to set up Works. 


After working with Bizdojo and having the opportunity to continue the Christchurch site on my own, I have really grown into the ownership role. Ultimately, it’s the people who are the reason, and I think of us as hospitality, not real estate.


  1. What makes Works unique to other coworking spaces?


Our values and how we deliver on them: 

Works is where your best work thrives.

Hospitality, not real estate.

Belonging beats networking.

Ambitious for Canterbury.


We focus on the delivery of community with daily, weekly and monthly events. It’s in every interaction, from making your guest a coffee, unjamming the printer with you or high-fiving when you win that deal.


Salt Works Reception

Coworking at Saltworks in Christchurch


Can you describe the community and types of businesses within your spaces?


Our average tenure is pushing four years now, which is wild considering we only do 30-day notice memberships. So there are lots of our members who know each other really well. This helps to welcome new members because there is always a helping hand or guiding piece of advice to help. The community is strong, with many social events run by us and by/with them.


We are lucky to have a super diverse range of companies calling a Works site home. From day one startups focusing on forestry waste biodegradable food packaging through to NZX-listed companies, we seem to have it all. We have companies reimagining how they use office space, and we are uniquely positioned to work with them on this to get a great outcome.


If you could pick any 3 people in the world to work in the space, who would it be and why? 


Ricky Gervais - So he can help me run “the office”.

Ruby Tui - Badass kiwi wahine that I admire.

Shane van Gisbergen - Amazingly talented kiwi motorsport driver.


Millworks in Christchurch

Millworks Coworking in Christchurch


    1. Do you have any tips for those thinking about setting up their own flexible workspace?


If you’re focused on desks and wifi, you’re doing it wrong. Focus on the people, they should be first, most important and last.


  1. Are there any exciting plans in the pipeline for Works?


Yes, but it’s under wraps for now. Watch this space.

I’d like to finish up with a massive thank you to my team, Cat, Bri & Schyler! You’re awesome.


Millworks Coworking in Christchurch

Meeting Space at Millworks Christchurch






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