Meet Katie, from Cookie Dough Collective

Get to know Katie Portmann, founder behind Cookie Dough Collective. 

To celebrate International Women's Day this year, we decided to give away a free Sharedspace advertising bundle to a female entrepreneur. This included the opportunity for us to get to know them, see what inspired their business, and what it is all about.

We were very happy to select Katie Portmann as the winner, founder of growing business: Cookie Dough Collective. 

Katie chats to us about what drives Cookie Dough Collective, the space where the magic happens and the other awesome women in her team.

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What inspired you to set up Cookie Dough Collective?

I wanted to create a business out of the things I believe in - connection, fun and joy. My story goes right back to baking cookies with mum, where I’d pop pieces of dough in my mouth when she wasn’t looking. The moments of joy this brought me have stayed with me ever since. So I thought, why not build a business where I get to inject this same joy into other people’s lives?

Hence Cookie Dough Collective was born.

 In fact, I’ve reinvented mum’s original cookie recipe to create the cookie dough we offer today, but with a modern twist. 

With our dough, we aim to brighten your day, while bringing you closer to the people you love along the way.  

Describe the space where the Cookie Dough magic happens.

We’re currently operating out of two co-shared spaces; one focusing on production and the other on operations. It’s been an awesome experience sharing space with other local food producers, allowing us to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. We’re sourcing a new space at the moment, which will see us combine both sides of our business.



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What key piece of advice would you give to women considering pursuing entrepreneurship?

It’s the hardest and most exciting thing you’ll ever do! Owning your own business is a grind, but the rewards are worth it every day.


Do you have other awesome women in your team, and what do they do?

At Cookie Dough Collective, we have an amazing team consisting of all women! From dispatch to customer service to production, our team of ladies are smashing goals each day. 


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What’s your go-to flavour of Cookie Dough?

I’m a Classic Choc Chip girl at heart but you’ll always find the latest limited edition release in my fridge for snacking. Currently working through Gimme S’more - straight from the tub is my preference!


Any exciting developments happening in the near future?

From our plans to shift into a new space, to developing and releasing new flavours, we’ve always got something exciting happening at Cookie Dough HQ! We’re also entering the world of wholesale this year, an exciting leap for our business! 


Head to Cookie Dough Collective to make an order for your hungry team, family or just yourself!



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