Meet Heather, from Hauora Wellbeing Studio

Get to know Heather Reed, and her drive behind this warm welcoming studio space.


In the latest edition of People Behind the Space, we catch up with Heather Reed, from Hauora Wellbeing Studio in Grey Lynn. This studio is a true hidden gem, featuring a warm welcoming foyer area, and a very well equipped fitness space, with moody lighting that creates the perfect ambiance for workouts and shoots alike.


Heather chats to us about her inspiration behind the space, what makes it differ from other studios and most importantly, what the must-have snacks are in her studio space. This beautiful space is modifiable and the perfect place to bring your ideas to life! See more about Hauora Wellbeing Studio here. 

 Hauora Wellbeing Studio 8


What inspired you to set up your space?

The kaupapa behind the business is centered around whanaungatanga and bringing people together, so our space needed to be an extension of our values.

“Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa” (Let us keep close together, not far apart.)


This whakataukī helped guide us when designing the studio. It’s easy to fill a space with fitness equipment, but how do you make it feel like home? 


We wanted to set-up a welcoming studio space where friends and whānau can come together and nurture all aspects of their wellbeing. Free from discomfort; a place for the community to move, play, talk and eat together. A home away from home. 


What is your favourite part of the space and why?

The Nespresso coffee… just kidding! It’s hard not to love all aspects of the studio. The open training space allows me to listen to my body, and give it the movement it’s craving on that day. Always followed by a kōrero and kawhi on the sofas with our members. 

Hauora Wellbeing Studio 6

Hauora Wellbeing Studio 3


What is Hauora Studio’s point of difference?

The moody lighting in the fitness space fuels empowerment and strength, whilst the foyer area mirrors an open-plan living room, emitting a warm and comforting ambience.

The combination of these two areas together, creates a juxtaposition of masculine and feminine energy, beautifully weaved together under one roof. 


Who has been the most interesting photoshoot client in your space? 

In the words of Maverick from Top Gun…“It's classified. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.”

We’ve had an awesome range of clients, from world-renowned athletes to incredibly talented locally-owned small businesses. Hauora Wellbeing Studio is an inclusive space for everyone!


 Hauora Wellbeing Studio 2jpg


Hauora Wellbeing Studio 9


Aside from photo/video shoots, are there other ways people can use your space? 

We have a functional space for events or wānanga, big or small. We’ve had kaioko training, corporate meetings, workshops, seminars and evening events. No idea is a bad idea, we welcome all concepts. 


If you could pick any three people in the world to work in your space, who would it be and why? 

1. David Goggins: He epitomizes the expression “mind over matter” by showing the world how to take back control of your life, and rewrite your future, no matter the odds. 

2. Malala Yousafzai: Nobel Peace Prize winner, activist for young girls’s rights, a pioneer for gender equality, with a story like no other! 

3. David Attenborough: Say no more.


Hauora Wellbeing Studio 1


Hauora Wellbeing Studio 10


What are your go-to songs to play in the studio?

I’m a bit of a Country fan… you’ll often find us running a weightlifting class with some country folk in the background! We also love playing power ballads for our members to sing (or scream) at the top of their lungs, to get them through the workout.


What are your must-have snacks in the studio?

If you’ve visited the studio before, you’ll know all about our famous ‘snack jar’. We make sure to keep this stocked with all kinds of goodies! Our whānau collectively consumed over 200 Twinkies in the space of 2 weeks! 

Conflicting for a wellness hub, right? We’re firm believers that life is all about balance. Some days we have dried kiwi fruit (coated in chocolate), other days we have cake (also coated in chocolate). No matter the day, there’s always a chocolate-based snack available on demand!


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