Meet Tori from Bad Company - Wanaka Coworking

Get to know the founder behind Bad Company, and more on their latest dreamy coworking space in Wanaka.


In the latest edition of People Behind the Space, we catch up with Tori Taylor, from Bad Company.

We chat to Tori about her inspiration behind Bad Company, their latest coworking space in Wanaka, and what's involved in creating a thriving coworking space.


Wanaka Coworking Space

What inspired you to set up your space?

I’d experienced working some days out of a warehouse Georgia Alice had set up off Symond Street. There were a handful of businesses that shared industry but mostly small business comradery. When  I moved to Mount Maunganui I saw a gap in the market for co-working and decided this community minded town would suit such a melting pot. We had five members ready to jump right in. The organic unfold was encouraging and well received. Bad Company’s flagship has now been running for six years with a strong sense of culture being our most cherished ingredient. 


What is your favourite part of the space and why?

The people! Our members are the ultimate movers and shakers. We focus on having a smorgasbord of skill sets to encourage growth and collaboration for the businesses within. Everyone has five minutes to spare and enjoys  uplifting one another. 


Bad Company Coworking Wanaka

Please tell us a bit about what other ventures you are also involved with.

At the moment we are focused on multiple locations. Wanaka is our second Sharedspace within New Zealand. Located in the Penthouse of The Precinct with beautiful views looking over the lake towards TC. We aim to do one a year in lifestyle locations surrounded by bodies of water, mountains and coast lines. 


What type of businesses tend to operate from Bad Company?

Designers, Developers, IP Lawyers, Ecommerce, Sustainability, Accountants, Digital Media, Marketing Specialists, Copy Writers, Holistic Health Specialists, Town Planners, VR creators. In a nutshell - Small teams, Remote workers and Start ups.


Wanaka Meeting Space


Dog Friendly Coworking Wanaka

Describe the community and vibe at Bad Company

Our community is supportive and connected. The vibe is come as you are, it’s relaxed. Some are in bare feet, some are booted. Coffee trains kick off around 9am. The banter flows but we all know how to get down to business, working smarter some would say. Dogs are welcome and enjoyed by all. Lunch breaks tend to be the latest spot followed by a debrief. We are a community that socialises on Fridays but also chooses to join one another for weekend missions. If you’re new to town - Co-working is the perfect place to meet people, especially Bad Company. 


If you could pick any three people in the world to work in your space, who would it be and why? 

Jim Jefferies, Gabor Mate and David Attenborough. Jim would bring the humorous controversy that would be quickly unravelled by Gabor’s view of humanity  which would then  flow nicely into David's care for our Planet equating into some hella good expansion. Now that would get the creative juices flowing.  


Wanaka Coworking With Views   

 What are the most played songs in your space?

Into Nirvana by Maverick Sabre, Hey by Pixies and Time (You and I) by Khruangbin. Find us on Spotify.


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