Meet Garth, Melissa & Will from The Ever Room

Space re-imagined - we meet the people behind the beautiful inner-city space

We chat with local creatives Garth Badger and Melissa Brinsden along with their business partner Will Martin, about recently launching New Zealand’s first ‘execution agency’.  From their sundrenched, loft style space above Auckland’s vibrant Karangahape Rd.



Tell us about THIEVERY and what you do …
MB: At Thievery, we have redefined ourselves as ‘The Execution Agency’.  A term coined by us to describe our unwavering focus on executing great creative.  We partner with agencies and clients to turn their ideas into reality.  It could be photography, video, or motion graphics.  Graphic design, brand design or a web platform.  We are able to come into any project at any point - along with our team of exceptionally talented contractors - and see it through to its fullest execution.



Your studio space has a new name.  Tell us about that …
MB: We have this BEAUTIFUL space above K Rd.  One large 152sqm room that features a 55sqm white cyc wall, and two smaller meeting rooms or ‘breakout spaces’.
People have been booking this space for projects and events for a long time but we’ve never really given it a story of its own.  So this year we renamed the space THE EVER ROOM.



What was your thinking behind the design of THE EVER ROOM ?
GB:  The Ever Room’s biggest point of difference is the natural light.  The windows are unlike almost any other event space in Auckland.  I knew that if we opened it up - removing all the little box like offices that were originally here - then the light would be the room’s greatest feature.  Not only for photography, but for any special event or occasion.  The comments when people first walk in are always “wow, it’s bigger than I thought”, “wow, that light is beautiful”, “wow … is that an actual zebra ?!” … in that order.



You guys sound busy.  Who manages THE EVER ROOM ?
MB: Well, that’s where Will comes in.
WM :  (waves enthusiastically). Yes, not a bad place to spend my days at all !!
Having spent the bulk of the last decade working in entertainment and events across the globe, Covid really threw a spanner into my 2020 schedule.  But I’m honestly so stoked to be having some time on the ground here in my hometown, focussing on our incredible EVER ROOM space.



What is THE EVER ROOM most commonly used for ?
WM:  The thing I love most about our venue, is the versatility.  Within a week we can go from hosting a photographer who’s booked a series of mini-shoots, to a full production television commercial, to a product launch, to a weekend wedding !!  We love seeing all these different moments exist within the space.
THE EVER ROOM has its own style, but it’s also completely malleable - a blank canvas that people can make their own.  Corporate brands will put up a couple of decals, and suddenly it feels like their own showroom.  And then we’ll have a wedding, and maybe the couple will bring some art from home … I’m telling you, people getting hitched really know how to transform a space … !!


Garth, what is your dream photoshoot … who and why ?
GB:  I’m really lucky to be constantly working on “bucket list” projects.  I get to work with amazing clients and I’m always pursuing my own photography projects, usually culminating in an exhibition (here at The Ever Room, naturally).  The joy of being a photographer, especially when you’re doing portraits, is meeting people and getting into really intriguing conversations with a person you’d otherwise never have met.  I would love to photograph Nick Cave one day; that would be an amazing experience and conversation with an incredible artist.

What is the most exciting thing about this new direction for THIEVERY and THE EVER ROOM

GB:  The exciting thing about this next chapter is how much more we can offer.  I’ve developed some amazing relationships with my clients over the past 8 years, and working alongside agencies I have really pushed myself in the production world.  And now, partnering with Melissa, there is so much more that Thievery can deliver on.  Coming from an Art Direction background herself, her skillset and the work she can execute gives us an incredibly wellrounded offering.  That combined with our amazing network of show-stopping freelancers, plus Will making sure that every event in The Ever Room goes absolutely perfectly … we’re excited to see what happens next !!



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