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Meet Tanzi from Servcorp

Meet Tanzi from Servcorp

Meet the face behind Servcorp PwC Tower, an inner city shared workspace haven with unrivaled views


From the moment you step onto Level 26, you are welcomed by the ever bubbly Tanzi who immediatley makes you feel like you are exactly where you are meant to be. The right people + the right place = the right position, this is Servcorps mantra. This unbranded space becomes your own, with the option to share space and ideas, work in private or dabble in both, Servcorp works hard to ensure the fit is right. We caught up with Tanzi who looks after Servcorp in the PwC tower to find out more about what the space is all about.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Servcorp 

Iā€™m barefoot in the Waitakeres on the weekends and high-heeled during the week, looking after the overall management of Servcorp, PwC Tower. I enjoy the balance.


It is great to see serviced offices now offering more flexible options. With coworking introduced, how has this changed the feeling of the space? 

Definitely! With changes in the future of work, our refurbished coworking space reflects the increasing need for flexible-working environments. Our fresh fitout includes booths, a relaxed breakout area, desks with privacy walls, and a dedicated desk area ā€“ something for everyone. With these changes in the physical space, the atmosphere is now much more collaborative and relaxed, with a more comfortable feel that allows you to be more productive. We host weekly mingles and regular networking events with speakers, which makes it easier for our clients to interact with each other creating a community vibe.

What makes Servcorp unique to other coworking spaces in New Zealand?

Servcorp is a multinational company, founded in 1978. We now have a presence in 23 countries and 160+ locations around the globe. From Auckland to New York to Berlin ā€“ our clients can truly tap into the global network Servcorp offers, gaining access to over 60,000 like-minded business professionals through our online platform Servcorp Home. Our international presence allows our clients to attend networking events or take a Hot Desk for a day in any of our locations around the world when travelling for business.


What is your favourite thing about your space?

Those views! For a nature-lover, it makes working in the city enjoyable; being able to look out to an ever-changing sea-scape each day is very motivating. No two days are the same; we see orca, dolphins and outstanding sunsets.

What do you think the biggest benefit is to a company working from a coworking space?

Our coworking space gives a company a whole host of unbeatable options to give them that winning edge, wherever you are in the world and whatever stage of your business. One of the biggest benefits presented is the opportunity to forge relationships that you otherwise may not have come across in your regular work environment. You become part of our team, immersed in an environment of success, with the opportunity to buy from, sell to and socialise with other members. Fantastic success stories have come out of collaboration that has happened at our weekly mingles and educational events.


If you could invite three people to work from your Servcorp office, who would you pick and why?

I always enjoy visits from Servcorp staff from other global locations; seeing how they do what they do is a great way to bring in new ideas and fine-tune those already in place. Also, Josh Homme & a corporate masseuse for mid-morning shoulder therapy would be warmly welcomed guests!

Any exciting future plans for Servcorp?

Our big ongoing plan is continuing to refurbish all of our coworking areas around the globe and rolling out our secure, rocket-fast WiFi with unique password across Servcorp. We are continuously innovating new ways of using the finest secure technology so that our customers can enjoy the best service on the market and can solely focus on their business and what they do the best.


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