Meet Nader from Cloud39 Coworking

New purpose built coworking space with childcare services  


Cloud39 is a coworking hub and innovation precinct based in Bishop Dunn Place with an added perk for parents. The space offers a professional space to work with flexible childcare services at a quality early childhood education provider, Kiwi Supertots Learning Centre, just a few steps from the premise. 

"This is a passion project of mine after coworking around the world via last year. My vision for this hub is to support young Mums & Dads in business as well as youth in our community through out of school care, holiday programs, accelerated innovation and technology learning, and tailored entrepreneurship style programs", says entrepreneur and visionary behind the project, Nader Luthera.

We chat to Nader to find out what inspired him to set up his coworking space, how his journey has been so far and why he thinks his business model will be hugely beneficial for parents in Auckland. 



What inspired you to set up your coworking space?

I was 'geolocation enslaved' and my business at the time was failing. I started up to travel, cowork and meet like-minded people around the world. All of the sudden, doors started opening for me and I quickly realised this is the future of work. My parents started Kiwi Supertots Learning Centres over 25 years ago in Auckland and we decided it would be an epic idea to combine the future of work with childcare to help working parents and mums and dads in business with a flexible, social, family friendly and caring ecosystem and environment. 


What do you think coworking with childcare facilities will be beneficial for parents?

The combination of Kiwi Supertots Learning Centre, Superstars Kidz and Cloud39 coworking means parents can come to work with their kids and let us take care of childcare, before school care and school drop offs in the morning. We then pick up their kids from school and provide nutritious snacks and a power packed after school care program in a space they love and with like-minded peers in small group sizes. Kids are well looked after while parents can focus on their grind and leave as one happy family at the end of the day.  


Childcare Coworking

Childcare Coworking


How has the journey setting up your space been so far?

Its been an amazing journey and I'm very grateful for having this opportunity! I was fortunate enough to see this project come to life from a bare piece of land and a dream through to completion all within 2 years.     


What is your favourite part of the space?

I love the downstairs main events space. It's a large open plan with 9 clouds in the ceiling in rows of 3 to represent "Cloud39" and palm trees to represent all the palm trees you see along Te Irirangi Drive and Bishop Dunn Place as you drive into our space. The space inspires me to think, create and innovate every time I enter.


Auckland Coworking

Character Coworking


Tell us a bit about what other ventures you are also involved with. 

I'm about to roll out an innovative mobile app and SaaS based EduTech platform focused on helping smaller ECE centres thrive. As for Cowork the World, this started out in 2015 as nothing more than a crazy dream and passion project to take a collective group of like-minded people around the world, whilst remote coworking along the way at various beautiful and exotic locations and high end coworking spaces. The project quickly grew from just an idea to over 100 expression of interests & 5000+ followers on Instagram, while gaining coverage across a variety of travel blogs, future of work magazines, startup magazines and mainstream media, including BBC Future. I now run it as my personal blog and Instagram account where I post about awesome coworking experiences and inspiring coworking space founders. 


Which coworking space that you've visited has been your favourite and why?

I fell in love with Crew Collective, boasting over 1100 square metres of space in the heart of Montreal, Canada. I had the pleasure of going there for Startup Fest. The building was once the tallest landmark in Canada and the founder has created amazing synergy between the Future of Work with the nostalgic history of working in the former Royal Bank of Canada building. 


Which coworking spaces are currently on your 'to-visit' list?

I've now covered 35 countries, 60 cities and over 99 coworking spaces around the world. I've yet to travel to 2 continents - African and South America so those would be my next 'go to' spots.


If you could pick any three people in the world to work in your space, who would it be and why?

Gary Vaynerchuck for the love of the game and hustle, Dwayne The Rock for keeping me humble and in shape, and my father for love and inspiration. 


Childcare New Zealand


What tips would you pass on to someone thinking about starting their own coworking space?

There's definitely a lot to soak in when starting up your own coworking space so I'd say reach out to someone who already runs a successful one and get advice before jumping straight into it. Cowork the World allowed me to do that. 


Can you describe your life outside work?

I'm really into my health, fitness and travel so I spend a lot of time at the gym, staying active, meditating and adventuring!


What are the most played songs in your office playlist?

We've got iPhone to Speaker direct connectivity via WiFi in the office so everyone in our community gets a chance to DJ throughout the week and the music really mixes up! We all get to enjoy each others flow! 




Join Cloud39 on their open day on Saturday 19th May 2018. View this link for full details on the family friendly, fun day out!   

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