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Meet Harry from Textile Lofts 

Boutique private members workspace, referencing the unique character of the Textile Centre.


Founded to provide intellectual and social nourishment to members, Textile Lofts is a boutique private members workspace aspiring to fuel creativity, productivity and success.

The unique character space has been created to encourage a confident and logical approach to coworking and modern business practice, helping like-minded business grow, learn new skills, meet new people and embark on a new project. 

We had the pleasure to chat with Harry and learn more about his journey, from envisioning the perfect coworking space to transforming that idea to reality.    


Textile Lofts


How did Textile Lofts come about and what inspired you to set up a coworking space?

The idea bounced around between us while I was living in London so I visited a few around the city. At the time, it was a relatively fresh market in New Zealand.

The whole concept of coworking is supremely appealing - like-minded people from different backgrounds working under one roof, socialising and collaborating. The alternative being working in private and forgoing the opportunity of meeting these amazing people.

We envisaged how our space would look and feel and we've been working toward that ever since! 


Can you describe your journey setting up Textile Lofts so far? What has been the most challenging part of the journey and best highlight?

The journey has been a lot of fun. Modelling desirable space that is appropriate for businesses of varied size and industry requires a huge amount of design consideration. Pulling everything together was challenging - from start to finish twice as long as expected.

That must have made the highlight that much better because it was an incredible feeling moving in the last of our furniture in July.   




Creative Coworking


What do you think the biggest benefit is to a company working from a coworking space?

The greatest benefit comes in a deliverance of fulfilment to one's workday.

Working in a comfortable office with the right mix of people is obviously a pleasurable experience; and it also offers the opportunity to pool resources with the hope of fast-forwarding the success of each business.

Coworking breaks down the barrier between work and play - catching up over a coffee, lunching with other members and after work drinks become regular events.

Happiness breeds productivity!        


What other ventures/work are you also involved with?

We also have a property management and investment company, but at the moment the focus is on Textile Lofts.

Experience in managing commercial property has definitely helped with the setting up and operating of Textile Lofts.  


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What are your favourite things about coworking? 

Engaging with new people that you would otherwise likely not have met. Coworking offices are the perfect facilitator for this interaction.

Followed closely by great music all day and an open bar here in Textile Lofts.  


We absolutely love the fit-out of your space! What inspired the look and feel of Textile Lofts? 

Textile Lofts is perched on the top floor of a historic character building, which features a lot of exposed brick and timber beams. This is essentially where the "Lofts" expression manifested. The ambiance of the common 'New York loft' can be quite dark with all the vintage style furnishings. Lighter tones and materials are more stimulating so we made sure to find the right balance between the two.

We were intent on maintaining a clean and refined look but continue the trend of raw materials, using steel, slate, marble and various woods.     


In your mind, what does your ideal community member look like?

We are very careful about preserving the atmosphere in Textile Lofts - the most important feature being the right mix of people. We hold no prejudice against industries and focus more on the people themselves.

Social, professional, friendly and fun.   


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If you could pick any 3 people in the world to work in your space, who would they be and why?

Malcolm Gladwell - all of the books he has written are incredibly profound and engaging. They're also a very entertaining read and I imagine he would be an interesting man to work beside!

Rick Rubin - an inspirational music producer and cultural icon. He delivered to the world some of the most monumental records. Stories of his endeavors and escapades would be a great listen.

Neil deGrasse Tyson - can't leave him off the list. Do I need to explain why? 


Do you have any tips and tricks for those thinking about setting up their own coworking space?

Characterise your preferred market, put yourself in their shoes, and design the office around what will generate positive response from that audience.

Don't forget to incorporate your own spark. 



Are there any exciting future plans you have for Textile Lofts?

We're constantly throwing ideas around but all are in the adolescent stage. Definitely intending to expand the brand but one step at a time!



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