Why Silent Pods are Essential for Your Office

Time to innovate your workspace? 

Now more than ever, businesses need to consider if their office configuration is actually efficient for productivity and meeting the demands of the modern workforce. Your office space may tick the boxes for a lot of ergonomic and environmental initiatives: standing desks, DIY barista coffee and more plants than Hamilton Gardens - but how much space is dedicated to focus zones?

Enter Silent Pod. 

In a world of 24/7 noise, where collaboration overload is the norm, Silent Pod offers a sleek modular solution for the open-plan office.

Take a minute to cut through the pandemonium, and see why Silent Pods are essential for your office space.



Collab Pod at Bizdojo, Ponsonby.  

Find space to focus.

Whether your team’s made up of introverts, extroverts or omniverts - everyone needs time to focus, and headphones aren’t a permanent solution. Open-plan workspaces are great for collaborative sessions, but it’s pretty tricky to write a report whilst someone is crucifying the milk steamer, or your neighbour is on their fifth sales call of the morning.

Imagine a quiet sanctuary with maximum sound reduction, where critical deadlines can be met at ease, and creativity can roam undisturbed. With Silent Pod, there’s no more feeling guilty for booking a meeting room that fits 4 people just for you and your MacBook.


Single Pods at The Hanger, Hobsonville.

Recharge your batteries.

Workspaces have been designed in favour of collaboration and social engagement ever since open-plan offices were made popular by the tech boom in the 90’s. Whilst this has offered many benefits, such as encouraging interaction between teams, without respite, this can lead to sensory overload. Even if you or someone in your team are just working through emails, escaping to a Pod can offer a much-needed change of scenery and a calm space to recharge.   



Collab Pod at Bayleys, Mount Maunganui.

Keep your confidential meetings private.

Whether you’re interviewing a job candidate or just need two minutes for a private phone call, ideally you don’t want the entire office hearing everything. Meeting rooms are usually the go-to spot, but these aren’t always designed with acoustics in mind. This is where Silent Pod’s acoustic walls save the day - no more personal phone calls in the bathroom/stairwell/carpark.



Boardroom Pod at Auror, Sandringham.

Breezy virtual meetings.

Just because it’s a virtual meeting, it doesn’t mean professionalism needs to be compromised! We’ve all experienced or at least witnessed a video call mishap whilst working at home in the pandemic. And whilst your office is unlikely to meet the extremes of WFH chaos, you still want to consider your backdrop, lighting and tech setup. 

The Boardroom Pod has a built-in monitor, ready for you to plug and play and host your virtual meeting effortlessly. All Silent Pods have soft LED lighting, power outlets, ventilation fans and comfortable seating - so even if your meeting runs over, you can stay cool, calm and collected.



It’s time to harness the quiet space you and your team need to focus, recharge and enjoy private seamless meetings. Head to Silent Pod to innovate your workspace.


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