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Benefits of Dogs in the Workspace

Boost the productivity of your workspace by introducing a doggo friend to your office  


Dog-friendly workspaces are becoming increasingly popular and we can totally see why! Bringing your pet to work will not only add cuteness to your day but it can actually bring many positive benefits to your office.

Studies have proven that dogs (and pets) have calming effects, reduce blood pressure, lower stress and boost employee productivity. Bringing your dog to work can increase social interactions and promote an atmosphere of teamwork and communication as it becomes a shared interest among employees.

Did we also mention that dogs in the workspace can encourage an active and healthy workspace? With every dog-enthusiast volunteering to take the dog out for walks or a litte playtime, this is the easiest way to take short breaks from your desk, breathe in some fresh air and get your daily steps up! 


Doggos of Coworking

Meet these super cute doggos of coworking spaces: 


Thinkspace Max and Noodle


Max and Noodle - Thinkspace 

Breed: French Bulldogs                                                              
Age: Max - 4, Noodle - 7                                                                                       
Fun Fact: Noodle keeps the meeting room atmosphere fun and warm, he regularly attends resident's meetings and quietly farts throughout the sessions - great laugh but awful smell! 
Favourite Treat: Max - cables, pens, toys and shoes. Noodle has a sensitive stomach which causes all the farting in the boardroom  

Stella Generator

Stella - Generator

Breed: Poochi (Chihuahua + Poodle)                                                              
Age: 13 weeks old                                                                                       
Fun Fact: Stella weighs in at just over a kilo! She can do 360 spins, high-10, lay down, sit and come commands. Nailed 3 of these at 8 weeks old.
Favourite Treat: Puppy Chicken Sandwich Logs 
Dogs in Coworking

Artemis and Apollo - The Common

Breed: Black Miniature Schnauzers                                                              
Age: Apollo - 3, Artemis - 2                                                                                       
Fun Fact: They are both named after Greek Gods. Artemis is the PA - Puppy Assistant and Apollo is the EA - Emotional Assistant of The Common. They take their jobs very seriously!

Favourite Treat: Dried liver & anything that drops from the bar area in the office.



Owen and Mack - Eden33

Breed: Owen - Golden Retriever, Mack - Rottweiler                                                              
Age: Owen - 1, Mack - 3                                                                                       
Fun Fact: Owen has more Instagram followers than you. Mack is 50kgs but will take any opportunity he gets to sit on you.

Favourite Treat: Pig ears




Kayla and Angel - Natalie Sisson

Breed: White German Shepherds                                                              
Age: Kayla - 14 months, Angel - 5.5 months                                                                                       
Fun Fact: Kayla's been coworking since she was 4 months old. Angel is fearless after learning from her big sister who she's devoted to!

Favourite Treat: Kayla - Cheese, Angel - Veal bone






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