Sustainable Coworking in the Himalayas

Mountain-side coworking and co-living space in the Indian Himalayas


Looking for an extreme escape from the daily big city commute? The Pankhasari Retreat, located in the Darjeeling region offers mountain-side coworking and co-living with expansive views over tea estates and crop plantations. The project, which broke ground this past August, aims to promote more sustainable tourism patterns, taking advantage of the increased living-and-working flexibility of the digital era.

Architect Carlo Ratti uses local materials including teak, stone and sissoo to build the structures, and worked with designers and craftsmen from the local area. It will include digital necessities, as well as sport and farming facilities to create a more rural experience.

The retreat will be made up of several residential units, each of which will be able to house up to four people in two bedrooms. 'Will the fact that one can work remotely from the Pankhasari retreat render offices obsolete? Not really,' adds Ratti. 'Our objective with Pankhasari is not to create a space for isolation - but rather a space to envision a different, more inclusive and sustainable way of inhabiting the world.' 

A rendering of Pankhasari Retreat

Pankhasari Retreat

Pankhasari Retreat

Pankhasari Retreat

To see other projects by Carlo Ratti or find out more about Pankhasari Retreat coworking, visit Carlo Ratti




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