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Top Co-living/Coworking Spaces

What if you could travel to a beautiful destination, live in an epic place with like-minded people and work from that same place too?


Coworking and co-living combines accommodation and workspace facilities under one roof, and is a concept that is perfect for career-minded people, start-ups, travellers and digital nomads. 

With more people becoming location independent and the combination of work with travel is growing more popular, people are opting for flexible co-living and coworking spaces for work/life balance and to form meaningful collaborations in a community of other like-minded people. 

We love this concept so we have hunted for some of the coolest and most beautiful co-living and coworking spaces around the world.


Outsite - Costa Rica

Outsite Costa Rica is located by one of the best beaches in the world. This dynamic hub has a fully equipped workspace and access to outdoor activities that balances work and play, all in a beautifully designed bungalow with private bedrooms. 

Outsite Coliving


SunDesk - Morocco

The SunDesk coworking space offers amazing ocean views from all desks. This shared workspace plus accommodation in Taghazout, Morocco aims to give students, entrepreneurs and professionals the opportunity to travel and work.

SunDesk Morocco Coliving


Roam - Bali

Sign one lease and live around the world. Starting at $500 per week, you gain access to accommodation, a coworking space with internet access and a community of like-minded people in incredible locations including Bali, Buenos Aires, London, Madrid and Miami.

ROAM coliving Bali


Pura Vida Hub - Bucharest

Pura Vida Hub offers both co-living and coworking in Bucharest. The space is open 24/7 (great for those big project deadlines) and includes a big shared working space where you can work, relax and socialize as well as epic panoramic views of the beautiful Bucharest Old Town.

Pura Vida Hub Bucharest Coliving


The Collective - London

The Collective Old Oak is the world's largest co-living space with 546 people living across all 10 floors. This beautiful space has everything - communal lounge, communal kitchens, elegant dining rooms, roof terrace, on-site gym, restaurant, spa and bedrooms with amazing views!

The Collective Coliving


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