BNZ Free Coworking Space

BNZ opens free business coworking space in Christchurch City and it is available for everyone.


BNZ has opened a new coworking space called community101, free to use for small to medium businesses at its new BNZ Centre outlet on Cashel St, central Christchurch

Christchurch is home to an abundance of businesses from different sectors, many of which were and still affected by the devastating earthquakes, left facing staff shortage and destroyed premises or lack of infrastructure. BNZ decided to contribute to the rebuild of the new, vibrant city bustled with construction by offering a new community space where small to medium enterprises are able to come together, work and support each other.

BNZ looks to support entrepreneurs to grow their business, build new relationships and create a culture of collabortion and innovation. Community101 enables entrepreneurs to grasp new opportunities by working alongside other small business owners to develop a central community.

Community101 offers flexible hot-desking that can be booked in advanced or on the spot, as well as the availability of three meeting rooms for hire. The great thing is that the free shared workspace is available for anyone, whether a customer of BNZ or not. The space provides the facilities you need - Wi-Fi, printing, free coffee and more... all you need is your laptop or notebook and you're ready to go. Click here to find out more about the space.  


Coboat Boat Coworking

For enquiries and to book your space: BNZ community101





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