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Coboat: Coworking on a Boat

First, coworking bus... now, coworking boat. An office that sails the world. 


A week-long trip at sea is a new way for professionals to balance work and play. Coboat wants to bring digital nomads and professionals on its sailboats not only to do some work, but to network and enjoy the several benefits of being out in the sea. The founders of Coboat, Gerald Schombs and Karston Knorr believes that this new experience of bringing coworking out to sea will initiate collaboration in a new, fun and exciting way. The founders not only seek to encourage work-life balance, but to also raise awareness of ocean pollution.

The boat comes fully equipped with Wi-Fi and ample outlets. Each day on the boat includes yoga, diving, workshops on ocean pollution and brainstorming sessions on potential solutions to combat the problems associated with the sea. With a strong passion for environmental sustainability, the 82-foot Catamaran uses solar and wind energy for electricity, while also providing the energy needed to desalinate seawater to drinkable water. The boat does not allow any oil or fossil fuel!

Although to participate in this exciting way of coworking does come with a hefty price tag, any profit that Coboat makes will be donated or invested into social organisations related to the ocean.

Coboat coworking is great for anyone who wants to travel, relax, get some work done, meet new people and connect with colleagues, all in one trip.


Coboat Boat Coworking

Coboat Boat Coworking

Coboat Boat Coworking

Coboat Coworking Boat

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