Workspace Inspiration: Bumble

The new colourful and vibrant headquarters of the female-forward app. 


You may have heard of Bumble - the popular dating app encouraging women to make the first move. They have recently opened its new headquarters in Austin, Texas and it features a stunningly appropriate bee-yellow and overall bumblebee theme. 

"We have embraced the type of feminine design that a lot of tech spaces steer clear of," says Whitney Wolfe, the 27-year-old feminist entrepreneur and CEO of Bumble. The 4,600 square feet of open-plan workspace, made up of 85% female employees, is intended to create a mood of both 'unabashedly female and a little outrageous'.

There are vibrant and comfortable communal areas, glass conference rooms, a Mommy zone (for pumping), as well as a place for meditation and beauty room - which Bumble gives every employee a professional blowout and manicure every month. Dreamy!


Images: Casey Dunn

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