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Workspace Inspiration: Äripäev Offices

We are in awe over this modern workspace - home to Estonia's most famous business newspaper, radio and publishing company. 

A modern, open-space media company office for 280 people has been created in this historic space with activity-based working principles. This amazing space is home to Estonia's most famous and largest business newspaper, radio and publishing company Äripäev and we are in absolute awe!  

Existing materials like limestone walls and concrete posts, beams and ceilings have been preserved and polished. Inspired by the birch veneer produced in Luther's factory in the first half of the 20th century, plywood boards have been used as a finishing material for the 'room inside a room' objects. 

Check out the space below!


Aripaev Office

Aripaev Offices

Aripaev Offices

Aripaev Offices

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