Inside Uber's stunning workspace

Inside Uber's Stunning Workspace 

Uber's new 80,000 sqft warehouse designed by Assembly Design, is unlike any typical technology office.



In 2015, Uber opened the Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to research and develop mapping solutions, vehicle safety and self-driving technologies. This space is designed for builders, with generous desk space and tables between every workstation, allowing each person to work every angle. "We built a space based on function first" says Liz Guerrero, co-founder at Assembly Design. "They're builders. We wanted to bring beauty in basic, functional elements by pairing materials in interesting ways to create a rich experience."

The crisp white colour scheme of the workspace complemented with warming colours and materials of the industrial era, creates a stunning atmosphere for envisioning, designing and building. 



Uber Office Reception

Uber Technology Office

Uber Technology Workshop

Uber Office Breakout Area

Uber Office Desk Space


Photo Source: Office Snapshots



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