Top Halloween Office Pranks


Top Halloween Office Pranks

Halloween is the perfect time to get a good scare out of your coworkers


If you're looking for perfect ways to trick people in the office this Halloween, here are 5 top pranks you can pull this holiday that are effective, yet won't leave you jobless!


Casual Animal Suit

Takes a bit of preparation, but the results are completely worth it!

Halloween costume prank trick


Spooky Ceiling

This classic prank is simple yet super effective and is sure to spook the hell out of your coworkers. Suspended ceilings or any wall crevice are the perfect place to hide any dummies, dolls or printed image of any haunting character eg. The Grudge, Valak from The Conjuring

Haunted The Grudge Ceiling Prank


Haunting Office with AtmosFEARfx

Spook your peers with animated digital decorations by AtmosFEARfx. Simply play the special effects animations on a TV, monitor or projector and turn any office environment into a creepy, haunting experience

atmosfearfx atmosfx prank halloween scare


Decapitated Head for Lunch


Bring a fake head or limb for lunch this Halloween. It will be a great addition in the office kitchen fridge! 

Decapitated Head Prank Halloween


Strategically placed mice or spiders

Wake your coworkers up this Halloween Monday morning with strategically hidden fake mice or spiders around the workspace!

Spider Halloween Prank




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