Brainstorm - Amazing Brainstorming Rooms

 Outstanding Brainstorming Spaces

A few stunning examples of Brainstorming Rooms


Get your workplace creativity flowing by providing a brainstorming space that encourages creative thought. Having unique meeting spaces for employees to get together and solve problems is powerful tool to have in your office space.

Here are some great examples of brainstorming rooms from workspaces around the world. 


Autodesk - San Francisco


FCB - Chicago

FCB Brainstorming Room

Ooyala - Santa Clara Offices

Brainstorming Santa Clara

Essence - London Offices

Brainstorm Room London

Lithiums Colaborative - San Francisco

Brainstorming Lithium

 Yelp - New York City

Yelp Brainstorming space

Instacart - San Francisco

Brainstorm Instacart San Fran



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