Outstanding Office Games Rooms

Office Games Room Ideas

A few outstanding examples of games rooms in a workplace


Game rooms in the workplace are a great way to help employees bond and generate some great inter office banter. Having games for employees to get invoveld with can help increase overall productivity along with brain function... they are also a great way to help reduce employee absense. 

Here are some great examples of games rooms from workspaces around the world.

Conde Nast Entertainment Office


Skyscanner Games Room

Sky Scanner Games Rooms

Trip Advisor Office Games Room

Games Room Tripadvisor

Weebly Office Games Room


Godaddy Games Room

Go Daddy Games Rooms

 Y&R San Francisco Games Room

Y&R San Francisco Games Room

Adobe Utah Campus

Adobe Games Room

Zynga Games Room

Zynga Games Rooms

Skype Games Room

Skype Games Rooms

Lithium Office Games Room

Lithium Office Games Room



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