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Summer is here (well kind of) and there is no better time to explore more of New Zealand and it's beautiful beaches. There is also no better way to see the country than by motor home. Our friends at Mighway have just launched their new platform that connects motorhome owners with renters. Think Airbnb for motorhomes (or camper vans). It's a fantastic concept that embraces the sharing economy and allows renters to pick up some invaluable local knowledge from someone who loves to explore. 




Unlike large rental companies, Mighway has shorter minimum rental periods on most vehicles. So remember that long weekend you promised to the other half? Well, now you've got no excuse to get out and start exploring. It's a more affordable to adventure around our this amazing country. 




Book your campervan with Mighway and let your Journey unfold. https://www.mighway.com/

If you own a camper van and interested in making some extra cash, visit https://www.mighway.com/owners


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