Meet Georgette from Studio Cassini

Intimate but full of character - we meet the person behind the charming space.

Nestled away in the heart of Newmarket, the newly-opened Studio Cassini is a luxury, boutique event space specialising in bespoke hosting. We caught up with a local creative Georgette Pollock about her stunning Newmarket venue and the versatility of her charming space. Join us in finding out more about the vision and face behind Studio Cassini.


Tell us a bit about yourself and the birth of Studio Cassini?

My backround is in fashion. I studied at Massey University completing an Honours degree in fashion, before working at Together Journal Magazine as the Editor’s Assistant. Passionately falling into the rabbit-hole of fashion styling, I ended up in New York City, working as a Fashion Stylist, assisting amazing artists such as Rita Ora and being on set with publications and brands like as Vogue, Elle, Armani and Gucci, which is something I had only dreamed of doing for a living.

I lived, breathed and loved New York City, returning to New Zealand only to make visa arrangements to work in the USA for longer. During this time, I found a space and fell in love with it, and in the back of my mind I had the itch to put my touch on it. Seeing the potential that this gorgeous space had, I wanted to transform it into setting that others could express their creative flare in, whilst still maintaining its mid 20th-century charm and character. My focus became entirely on making Studio Cassini the venue it is today, and I’m so proud of what it has flourished into.

Studio Cassini Blank


Studio Cassini feels like a very versatile intimate location, what is unique about this space?

My Mother's fabric store was located in Newmarket, so I spent a lot of my childhood here. I love the area and I feel the character of the buildings as well as the history of Newmarket being a hub in various guises as Auckland grew up around it, is often neglected. With all the commercial development in this central area, I wanted to fulfill a gap in the market in the form of a space, perfect for intimate events.  Cassini isn’t your usual event space, it’s small and intimate yet extremely versatile. We love hosting Special events; from birthdays and product launches to weddings. We Have also shot editorials, look-books and short films. 

Studio Cassini Event


Studio Cassini boasts light, bright flooring & textured walls, creating the perfect blank canvas for almost any occasion, what sort of notable transformations have you seen take place at Studio Cassini?

We’ve styled some gorgeous wedding shoots in the space, intimate 15 person dinners, masterclasses, yoga sessions, charity brunches, 21st birthdays, baby showers, hens nights and even had the place turned into a nightclub for a 16th birthday party. I’m honestly amazed at the visions our clients bring to the table and I love seeing them brought to life. It excites me to see the memorable moments that happens between these walls, and I can’t wait to see what happens here in the future! 

Studio Cassini shop


When creating this space, what was the feeling or mood that felt lead you to the final details within Studio Cassini?
In New York I was always obsessed with finding “speak easys” which are bars and restaurants hidden around NYC, most of which are from the days of Prohibition, and you only hear about them through word of mouth. They often have a hidden entrance behind an unassuming store, sometimes you find them nooked behind a bookcase, or tucked at the back of a thrift store. I wanted to create the same feelings of anticipation and excitment when you walk up the stairs tucked next to Beds R Us Into Studio Cassini. The mystery of seeing the ominous neon sign in the dark downstairs and then moving up into a light bright space excites clients, and I love seeing the looks on their faces when they make it to the top of the stairs and see what they have found. 

I wanted something clean and modern. My favourite part of the space is probably our grey textured feature wall, it makes the space feel large and it offers such versatility as a backdrop for events and shoots. There was also a last minute addition. On the far end, there used to be a cupboard... until I took a hammer to it. On the first strike, the wall gave way to reveal a huge hidden space, which probably hadn‘t seen anyone in it for decades; it was a perfect nook to create space for what is now the bar.

Studio Cassini Bar


What is on the horizon for Studio Cassini? Is there anything to look out for? 
We have some very exciting events in the books (which are postponed due to the slight inconvenience the world is facing in the form of a global pandemic). Let’s just say you should definitely watch this space...


Studio Cassini shoot

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