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Dojo with new mats - Hamilton

Open space Dojo with a small gym and new mats


Listing information

Listing information
281 Sandwich Road

Saint Andrews - Hamilton City

$20 /hr
100 m2

Total Area (m2)




New mats purachased in March 2021 that are 45mm thick. The matted area is 7 x 11m and the gym 5 x 5m. The Dojo has punching and kicking bags, 4 x free standing bags/targets, stretching rail/bar, ladders, hurdles and other balnce equipment. One wall is fitted with large mirrors.

The Dojo also has large bluetooth speaker, heating/AC units and a TV. There are couches to seat about 13 people, along with a carpet area next to the mats. There's a couple boxes of toys as well if there are young ones around.

Gym equipment includes: 2 bars, barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, bench, squat rack, medicine balls, 2 stationary bikes, treadmill, power tower and rope.

We must protect the mats, therefore shoes must be taken off. Also nothing on the mats that can cause damage/indents/scratching.
All the equipment is available to use, but please don't drop heavy weights onto the mats.



Listing Number: 11432
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