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Cosy office space with lovely outdoor area

Bright office space, centrally Located Location in Mt Wellington

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Listing information

Listing information
177A Marua Road, Mt Wellington

Mount Wellington - Auckland City

0 - 30 m2

Total Area (m2)

1 - 6 People

Space available




Are you an individual or a small team (startup, designer, developer, engineer, creative heads, photographers) looking for a space to start or build your business?

We have a private, comfortable office space available within a calm and quiet environment. This means you can focus on your work with no distractions.

In front of your new office is a reception area & another small business.

To add to this we have an open space at the back available to brainstorm or work outside on a sunny day!

Ample off-street parking and several Restaurants and Cafe's in 2 minutes distance. The office space comes with kitchen and toilet facilities as you would expect.

Our business leases & delivers magazines to other businesses & we have a small team that comes & goes. It's quiet but there will be others to talk to if you need the company :)

It's an excellent opportunity as it sits 15 mins from city centre and you can get to either way in no time!!!!

You could either rent a desk (up to 2 desks) or the entire space.

Desks are $400 per month, including all outgoings or you can have the entire office for $800 per month & we can furnish it with desks etc. for up to 3 people or more if you want to share space.

There is a seperate storage space and Wifi is included too. 

Please get in touch to organise a viewing.



Listing Number: 8164
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