World's Coolest Meeting Spaces

We went on a hunt for some of the coolest and aesthetically-pleasing meeting spaces around the world.


Why have your meeting in a dull room with white-washed walls, when you can immerse into a space that oozes inspiration and encourages outside-the-box, creative thinking. 

With so many companies now stepping up their interior-design game - we went on a hunt for some of the coolest and aesthetically pleasing meeting spaces around the world. Check out our picks below!


Underwater Meeting Space - Maldives 


Google Cable Cars, Zurich Switzerland

Google Zurich Switzerland


Vault Meeting Room - San Diego

Vault Meeting Room Marriott San Diego


Floating Glass-Domed Rooms - Tokyo

Floating Glass-Domed Rooms Seikei University Tokyo


Heckler and Koch Firearms' Room 

Heckler and Koch Badass Conference Room


Vikings Longboat Conference Room

Vikings Conference Table


King Arthur Swing Table - London 

King Arthur Swing Table London


Need some workspace games rooms inspiration? Check it out here - go on, you know you want to.  



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