Breathtaking Coworking Spaces


Breathtaking Coworking Spaces Around the World

From rock-climbing walls to palm trees and waterfront bungalows


We have compiled a list of some of the coolest and most beautifully designed coworking spaces across the globe that we are lusting over.

Coworking spaces has become a viable and sought-after alternative to the ordinary, beige cubicle offices, especially for budding entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers. It has become so popular, not only because it is cost-efficient but is also a great opportunity to network and grow your business among like-minded individuals. 

Who doesn't like the idea of spending their work week in a fun and collaborative environment where the energy is rich and vibrant, as well as having access to awesome amenities like beer fridges, foosball tables and unlimited supply of top notch coffee.


Abandoned bank in Montreal

This abandoned 1920s bank is transformed into a luxurious coworking space with 50 ft. ceilings, brass chandeliers and marble floors catering to permanent and temporary freelance workers.

Montreal abandoned bank of canada


Brooklyn Boulders 

This is the perfect workspace for adventure lovers! The coworking space, perched at the peak of a 22 ft. high climbing wall is great for when you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Brooklyn Boulders Chicago Coworking


KWERK in Paris

Kwerk - a play on the words 'co-work' and 'quirk', is certainly not your ordinary cubicle office. It is the perfect mix between private and open spaces, boutique hotel and art gallery.

Kwerk Paris Coworking


Waterfront Bungalow in Panama


Getting some work done over the water in a bungalow with fruit trees and an inflatable trampoline? Yes please! We are in awe over this CocoVivo coworking space.

Cocovivo coworking panama


The Great Room - Singapore

This coworking space feels more like a boutique hotel and less like a workspace. Members are even treated to free cookies for those working over-time and free breakfasts with the Monday Breakfast Club.

The Great Room - Singapore


The Wave - Hong Kong

The concept of this vibrant and lively coworking space is creating a village like environment, with distinct zones such as Greet, Chill, Eat, Work, Meet, Inspire & Punch. 

The Wave Hong Kong Coworking


Dew - Adelaide, Australia

A cafe, bar and coworking space all in one - Dew (Drink, Eat, Work) in Adelaide has been outfitted with bright artworks, sleek metal and wood furnishings. 

Dew Australia Coworking


Tribes Coworking - Netherlands

Tribes coworking space built mainly for digital nomads and creatives, has us considering moving to the Netherlands. 

Tribes Coworking Netherlands




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